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Records cost is minimal

The St. Joseph County Register of Deeds office is advising that a South Dakota company has sent direct-mail solicitation to county residents seeking a significant sum of money for property records.

Records may be obtained from the county’s Register of Deeds Office at a cost of a few dollars.

St. Joseph County Clerk Pattie Bender said the company, Property Transfer Services, proposes providing copies of a deed and a property profile, which includes the property address, owners’ names, comparable values and legal description of the parcel or parcel identification number for an $85 fee.

Bender said the same information may be obtained from the St. Joseph County Register of Deeds Office and Equalization Office for 50 cents and up to $ 1 per page.

Those who do not wish to purchase copies may view them at public terminals and review their profiles at no cost.

The county’s register of deeds office hours are 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. Monday- through Friday.

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