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Wow, what a storm!

It’s a winter storm they’ll be talking about for years. And it’s hit Michigan head-on, and has impacted millions in Detroit and much of the Lower Peninsula, with a foot of snow or more, creating hazardous travel and dangerous conditions for anyone who is outside for any length of time. Flight delays and cancellations are leaving passengers stranded at airports across the Midwest and Northeast. Governor Rick Snyder says state and local authorities are actively monitoring and undergoing preparations regarding the weather conditions and are ready to assist communities if necessary. He urged everyone to pull together by taking care of themselves and each other, which includes checking in on friends and neighbors who may need help. He also says the State Police have added troopers and road patrols, and the Michigan Department of Transportation has every available plow out to help with road conditions, adding (quote) “we’re prepared to move quickly with any requests for local emergency assistance if warranted.” The arctic blast comes on the heels of the Christmastime ice storm that knocked power out for hundreds of thousands of Michiganders for more than a week. (MRN)

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