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School District asking for restoration of mills

The St. Joseph County Intermediate School District has authorized a May 6 request to restore nearly three-tenths of a mill to the maximum rate of 2.75 mills previously approved by the county’s voters.

The restoration of the Headlee Reduction request fell by a margin of 53 percent to 47 percent last August. At stake is more than $633,000 to be distributed proportionately to the county’s nine school districts.

Ron Drzewicki, White Pigeon superintendent, asked during Monday’s ISD special meeting if the board would consider moving the date to August, as White Pigeon Community Schools is seeking a 1-mill increase May 6.

Barb Marshall, ISD superintendent, sympathized with Drzewicki but said the process was set in motion late last year and the ISD is merely following through on the wishes of the county’s other superintendents.

The county’s school districts are receiving 2.4554 mills out of 2.75 mills for special-education services. Voters will be asked to restore the 0.2946-mill difference. The potential restoration to 2.75 mills would be funded by non-homestead property owners – typically seasonal residents – and businesses in the county.

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