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Sheriff investigating hit-and-run

Cass County Sheriff Joe Underwood said his office is investigating a hit-and-run accident that occurred Wednesday morning in Porter Township.

The crash happened at 8:44 a.m. on M-40 at Shavehead Lake Street, according to a department media release.

Deputies identified the driver and his passengers who had remained at the crash site as 30-year-old Robert Monfore, and Kristin Greer, 25, Priscilla Shaffer, 40, and Nancy Schultz, 20.

Monfore was traveling north on M-40 when the eastbound vehicle on Shavehead Lake Street rolled through the stop sign at the intersection, where the suspect vehicle crossed in front of Monfore’s vehicle.

Investigators said Monfore struck the other vehicle. The second vehicle drove from the intersection. Neither Monfore nor his passengers were injured in the crash.

The suspect vehicle is described as tan SUV and was struck in the right, rear corner.

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