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The times are changing.

Once upon a time families used to sit down and eat dinner together. Not just sit down, but sit at the table. Talk about their day and enjoy the companionship that is family.

People went to each other’s house to visit, or write letters by hand, and send greeting cards via the United States Postal Service.

And yes, children used to play outside for hours on end, neglecting that thing called the television

Heck, some of us used to leave our doors unlocked and windows open, and not just when were home, but when we ran to the store or to run other errands and even as we slept.

People used to write checks or even paid in cash!

Telephones were objects that were used solely for talking, and that was it. And remember when your phone would just ring? Like with an actual “Brrrrrrriiiinnnnggg”?

Boy, have the times changed.

Families are too busy to sit down and eat together as a family anymore. For some, it is a success when they can come together at least ONCE a week or for others, if they can eat somewhere other than in front of the TV. Lives are busy, children are in sports, band or other activities and parents are working day and night to help provide for the family. These are the times we are living in!

It is nearly impossible to leave doors or windows open anymore, unless you are home, but even then, that can pose a risk at times. Emailing or texting has taken the place of sending a personal, handwritten note or greeting card, which is kind of sad. But at the same time, it is easier and quicker and we just do not have the time anymore to do the things we used too.

Technology, for all of its benefits, has many drawbacks as well. Children would rather have their face in an i-pad or playing video games than go outside in the fresh air and create new and exciting adventures using their imaginations.

Why talk to someone face to face or even voice to voice when you can send a short, abbreviated message to them over your phone?

Some stores have stopped accepting checks as payment and require cash or credit card only. We are still check people as my wife is VERY leery of paying online. After the recent information stealing that occurred this past holiday season, I see her point.

I am sure people WAY back when had these same conversations when the automobile, television and microwave over were invented.

Our way of life changes on a daily basis as we try to stay safe and keep our lives in order. That will be a constant.

And while I am a big supporter of technology (I use computers; I have a cell phone, an ATM card, etc.), for me, my life does not revolve around it.

I totally understand the convenience and thrill of using technology, but it is pretty easy to see, in my opinion anyway, that not all of the innovations regarding technology are necessarily advancements. Yes, everything that comes out is advancement. But I am referring to society and how we act and talk to each other and what we expect from others.

Technology is a great tool and resource, but for me, I guess I am slow to accept it as a new way of life and communication. That may take me some time. A long time at that.

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