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Courthouse building receiving attention


The courts building of the St. Joseph County Courthouse will soon receive attention in hopes of a remedy from perpetual humidity.

Members of the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners Tuesday agreed to a $13,000 expense for the architect and engineer firm Tower Pinkster. A separate arrangement for $2,300 was reached with HVAC contractor C.L. Mahoney Co. of Kalamazoo to verify system operations, a measure necessary before Tower Pinkster does its work, according to deputy administrator Elishia Arver.

Mahoney officials will verify that all 20 multi-zone dampers are reacting to the system signal as intended. Tower Pinkster, meanwhile, will be charged with improving measures to the air-handling units. The work is limited to what is typically referred to as the courts building, which is the south addition built in the early 1970s.

If the first proposed solution fails, a second potential remedy costing $80,000 would be an option.


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