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City Commission tables sports complex action

Mayor Tom Lowry and city commissioners Tuesday agreed to table action on engineering services related to the Three Rivers Youth Sports Complex.
The decision was made following a 25-minute closed session to discuss pending litigation, according to Lowry. It also followed sharp criticism from more than a half dozen residents who expressed their opposition to the proposed $4.1 million, 17-field development on the city’s north side.
The matter before the seven-member commission centered on more than $320,000 to Kalamazoo-based Virdis Design Group to proceed with engineering services for the design, bidding and construction of the complex.
The two-week delay on the action comes at the behest of city attorney Pat O’Malley.
Tuesday’s action comes nearly a week after the five-member State Boundary Commission recommended, 3-2, in favor of the city’s effort to annex the 77-acre parcel from Lockport Township.
Opponents who addressed the city commission Tuesday chided officials for taking steps on the project before a final ruling on the annexation is made. Others objected to the cost of the project, the expense to mow and maintain the property, its potential environmental hazards due to fertilizer applications and how it will compromise the quality of life for residents in The Meadows, a senior-living community adjacent to the property.

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  1. Yes – please let’s spend money we don’t have for something that will add nothing other than a continuing expense. Who is responsible for the cost of maintenance? Townships better be coughing up a big chunk of money as I’ve got $20 that says the majority of the people using this will not be from within the city. Just like a long list of “improvements” that we use our money for – they gets done and then are never maintained. River walks are beginning to deteriorate but no discussion on them. Remember the zoo? Yes – it used to have animals but most were “relocated” during the install of the pasture areas. Guess what – they never came back alleviating the need for the expanded pastures to begin with.

    You’re putting lipstick on a pig. The town is falling apart but we’ve got a cool sports complex. Evidently between the ghost town on Main St. and a new sports complex that will have people flocking to Three Rivers.

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