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Constantine – Golf cart update

State Rep. Aaron Miller’s bill to allow golf carts for use on the highway in limited circumstances has been approved and will take effect Aug. 8.

As a result, Constantine Village Manager Mark Honeysett told the village council last week it must apply for permission from the state to operate golf carts on the St. Joseph River bridge, and that process is not yet clear, Honeysett said.

In the meantime, people still may not drive carts on the bridge. When they are able to use the bridge on Aug. 8, they must leave the highway as soon as possible once they exit the bridge, he said.

A cart operator must be at least 16 years old and licensed to operate a motor vehicle, must comply with signal requirements and may not drive on sidewalks. The speed limit is 15 mph. Golf carts are not permitted on the street from 30 minutes before sunset until half an hour after sunrise.

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