Hostage incident in Branch County

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A hostage situation at an adult novelty store near Coldwater ended Tuesday without incident. A gunman barricaded himself inside the Lion’s Den Adult Superstore in Branch County after a holdup early Tuesday morning. The Sheriff’s Department says one hostage was released without incident and the gunman is in custody. Officials say the situation began as a police chase across the border in Angola, Indiana. There were no reports of injury. The suspect’s name has not been released.  (MRN)

Out and About – Week of July 21st

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I thought that I was about as good as one can be when it comes to staying current on what’s happening around Three Rivers. I discovered on Friday, July 11, that this was Dan Tomlinson’s final day as Fire Chief. I had a tribute to him ready for this column to be published on Tuesday, July 29. I was under the assumption that Chief Dan would be leaving the fire department around the first of August. Luckily, I was able to stop by his office on July 11, offer a final salute, and wish him well in his new endeavors. Unfortunately, my column for July 15 was already in this paper’s managing editor’s inbox, so this is the first time I can state my departure feelings for a person I admire and respect.

I mentioned to Dan that I felt sad about his leaving the fire department, but I was happy to know that he was happy with his decision to move on. He agreed that the stress that goes with being Fire Chief will be left behind and that it will be nice knowing that he will no longer be getting phone calls at 2:30 AM, saying that he is needed at Station 2. He will no longer be obligated to stop and assist at an accident scene, but I have a feeling that he still might step in to see if he is needed. That’s just the kind of guy he is.

Until a new fire chief is named, Captain Jeff Bloomfield will serve as the Interim Fire Chief. I have all the confidence in the world that Captain Bloomfield will do a great job. He is a great firefighter and a leader who has the respect of everyone in the department. If you were to ask Jeff if he is capable of serving in this position, he would probably say that he can do it, because he has a great team to work with and there isn’t a single firefighter who works alone. There are two other candidates being considered for the fire chief position. I am unaware of their names, but as far as I’m concerned, Captain Bloomfield is the best person to fill some very big shoes.

Here’s a brief word to bicyclists. As you’re Out and About riding your bike, you are responsible for observing and adhering to all traffic signs or lights in the same manner as a driver of a motor vehicle. I’ve observed many bicyclists ignoring traffic signals, especially stop signs. You are subject to being ticketed for failure to observe a stop sign. Unfortunately, our law enforcement people are too busy to enforce these laws, so you get off easy. Think about this the next time you are almost struck by a motor vehicle, because you failed to yield the right of way. Also, there is no law stating that a safety helmet must be worn by all bicyclists. The same goes for people riding mopeds and motorcycles. My head is larger than most and is extremely fragile. The last thing I want is to end up in a wheelchair and wearing a diaper because I fell off my scooter and smashed my head on the pavement. I’m an organ donor, but I would prefer to die a natural death, rather than be careless and bleed out from my ears.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing what I’ve had to do in preparation for surgery, which would relieve pressure on the nerves in my back and left knee. I experienced an EMG, five MRIs, several x-rays, and my share of blood draws. Last Tuesday, July 15, my wife and I arrived at Borgess Hospital at 6 AM. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 AM. At 6:45 AM, I was on a gurney with an IV in my arm and ready to go to the operating room. Then, after talking with a couple of doctors, including my surgeon, it was decided to cancel the surgery. My pain level was zero, I hadn’t fallen in two months, and the strength in my leg was improving on its own. My surgeon recommended and gave me a prescription for Water Therapy. I am scheduled to meet with her next month to see if the therapy has worked for me. I want to thank the staff at Borgess Hospital for their excellent care. The hospital and staff could have gained monetarily, but my well-being and health were more important.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

Deadline for tickets

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The deadline for purchasing tickets to Saturday’s “Discover the Treasures of St. Joseph County” event is fast approaching.

Christy Trammell, executive director of the Three Rivers Chamber, said the deadline for an evening at Rawson’s King Mill in Leonidas Township is 5 p.m. Wednesday. Trammell said an accurate figure is necessary so the event’s caterers know about how much food to prepare.

Tickets for the luau-themed event are $45 each, which includes a meal, drinks, entertainment and the option of a canoe or kayak ride down the Nottawa Creek from Factoryville to Rawson’s.

Last year’s inaugural “Treasures” event drew more than 100 people to a night of fine dining in the Langley Covered Bridge.

Tickets for the 6 o’clock event can be purchased at the Three Rivers Area Chamber or through its Facebook page. In case of rain, the event will take place Sunday.

Cleaning up the river

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A five-person team spent Saturday morning clearing debris from the Nottawa Creek as part of the ongoing river cleanup effort by the St. Joseph County Conservation District.

Ross and Alisha Truckey, Matt Davidson, John Nelson and Matt Dinnon cleared garbage out of Nottawa Creek from Rawson’s King Mill Park to the Olney Road bridge in Leonidas Township.

Trash collected from the river included bottles and cans, several tires and rims, conveyor links from an old manure spreader, a half barrel and an electric-fence regulator.

The next scheduled river clean-up, which will be the fourth of five events scheduled this summer, starts at 9 a.m. Aug. 9 on the Pigeon River from Blue School Road to Vistula Road in Mottville Township.

Prospective participants are asked to call in advance in order to reserve an appropriate number of kayaks or canoes. The conservation district’s phone number is 467-6336, ext. 5.

Wanted man arrested

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A man wanted in Sturgis on attempted murder and malicious destruction of property charges has been arrested.

Sturgis Police said Jorel Gefferard was arrested Saturday night at Gateway Village.

Police believe Gefferard attacked another man with a hatchet at the Cato Lane apartments shortly before midnight Thursday.

Woman injured in motorcycle accident

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A Colon motorcyclist was injured after the two-wheeler she was driving ran into the back of a vehicle over the weekend in Colon Township.

The St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department said Lora Waffle, 43, was riding westbound on Colon Road when her motorcycle struck the rear of a vehicle driven by 80-year-old Leonard Burnham of Mendon.

The incident occurred near Farrand Road.

Waffle, who was wearing a helmet, was airlifted to Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo. Burnham was not injured.

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