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White & Tan Lab

Hello out there. I am a male, tan and white lab mix with a cute, freckled nose. My eyes match my tan fur and I am very cute. I’m less than a year old and I know how to sit on command. I’m fun to take on walks because I’m good on a leash. The ladies say I am a ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of October 21st

We missed the Annual Color Tour again this year. We spent the weekend of October 13 up north near West Branch and Gaylord. We would have enjoyed the Color Tour, but the colors up north were quite spectacular, plus, we were expected to attend an Appreciation Dinner for one of the governors on my council. We had fun visiting, and ... Read More »


Hi, I am a brindle and white male boxer and a real sweet guy. I am about 2-3 years old and am already neutered. I like to be around people and would probably do best in a home where I am the only pet. I’m not a super active dog but am good on a leash. I like it when ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of October 14th

My father used to ask for my help from time to time. I really became needed during my high school years, when I was usually busy working a part-time job or hanging out with my buddies. I generally made it to the end of the driveway, before I’d hear, “Norman, come here. I need your help.” He really didn’t need ... Read More »


Hi, we are Eenie, Meenie, Minie and Mo – four very cute 5 week old kittens. We are all different variations of grey and white – one of us has a white stripe on its back, one has a white spot on its back, one is tiger striped and one doesn’t have much striping. We are very loving and like ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of October 7th

Summer held on for quite a long time. We are well into October, yet, at times, the temperatures have made it feel like late August. Every time I mow the lawn, I keep wondering if this might be the last time the grass needs to be cut for the season. That’s okay; this nice weather can stick around for another ... Read More »