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Snoop Dog

Hi. My name is Snoop Dog and this picture is just so “Me”. I am a very happy, energetic little beagle, about 3 years old. I am tri-colored, but my coloring is unusual. My black spots are more gray and my brown spots are tan. It’s really quite pretty. I love to play with squeaky toys and like to play ...

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Out and About – Week of February 24th

This winter has been brutal for all of us. We’ve received plenty of snow, which pleases more than just a few of us. I’m not to be included in the group I just referred to. This is, after all, Michigan, the land of four seasons. Sometimes we can experience several of those seasons in a matter of hours, rather than ...

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If you think I am pretty you should also come and see my three friends who recently came into animal control. There are two more calicoes like me and a black little miss with white whiskers and white feet. We are all females and some of us are polydactyls, which means we have more than 5 toes. Legend says polydactyls ...

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Out and About – Week of February 17th

There is a very well-known support group that holds regular meetings for those individuals in need. I’m not sure if there is a special group for individuals who have my disease, but if there is, I’d be interested in hearing about it. I think that if I were to attend such a meeting, I’d stand and say, “Hello, my name ...

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Sweet Pea

Good Afternoon. My name is Sweet Pea and that is a very good name for me because I am very sweet. I am a female, brown and white shepherd mix, about 2 years old. If you offer me a treat I will shake your hand, sit and sometimes even lie down. I am pretty calm and not a real high ...

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Out and About – Week of February 10th

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: “You can’t go home again.” If you were to take this literally, you would find it to be absolutely wrong. After all, we can pretty much go anywhere we want to these days. I’m pretty sure that it meant you can never go home and find it the way you left ...

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