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Shih Tzu Mix

04-15-15 12562 shih-tzu mix 01

Hello. Happy Spring! I am an adult male shih-tzu mix. I have short brown and white fur and walk nicely on a leash. I am a little frightened at first but, with some gentle coaxing, I warm up pretty quickly. Being around other animals is fine with me. My photographer thinks I look like Falcor from Never Ending Story. I ...

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Out and About – Week of April 13th

The last time I checked, we humans have five senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. If you were to count “common”, that would be six. “Common” is probably the one sense that most of us are missing, and that is a shame. If I had to give up one of the other five, it would be a very difficult ...

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04-08-15 12550 DEVO dog

Hello. My name is Devo and I am a female lab/chow mix who is about 9 years old. I’m black with some cute white fur on my muzzle to show my maturity. I’m a sweet and gentle gal and walk well on a leash I’m fine with other dogs and cats but I don’t like to share my treats much, ...

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Out and About – Week of April 6th

Parenting is probably the most challenging task a person can undertake. In most cases, learning how to parent is strictly on-the-job training. Oh, you can take classes on how to properly parent, or how to handle certain situations, but these classes and handbooks are most of the time written or conducted by individuals who have never been parents. It is ...

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Terrier Mix

04-01-15 12541 TERRIER

Hello. Even though I have an Easter basket, I’m not the Easter Bunny. I am a black and white female terrier mix. The ladies say I am a terrier/kangaroo mix because I do like to jump for attention. I just have a lot of energy and have to learn my manners. I have cute, black freckles on my legs. I ...

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Out and About – Week of March 30th

I enjoy working crossword puzzles, especially puzzles found in this newspaper. There are some that I find challenging, and, luckily for me, there are some that are not that much of a challenge. I feel that by doing crossword puzzles, my mind gets some exercise. Like my father and my sister, I use a pen when working a puzzle. I ...

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