Plans for a Sturgis senior center

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A Portage-based company was hired this week to fulfill a component toward potential construction of a Sturgis senior center.

Members of the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners agreed Tuesday to work with Cornerstone Construction Management. The company will provide services related to design, bidding and construction.

Total cost of the deal is $78,000.

County Administrator Pat Yoder said the senior center is not officially a done deal. But the preliminary work will allow commissioners to eventually decide whether to pursue the venture, and Tuesday’s action was a step in that direction, Yoder noted.

An Ohio-based company has already conducted site-identification and design-concept work. It has indicated a parcel north of the Doyle Center as the potential best location for the proposed facility.

County Board meeting

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Two unrelated matters of business were approved Tuesday by the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners.

Commissioners endorsed an agreement with Florida-based MGT of America for cost-allocation plan services.

County administrator Pat Yoder said the agreement is geared toward the county’s Friend of the Court and Juvenile Court departments to reimburse their expenses through the state.

Also, the employment of three people for in-home aides through the commission on aging was approved.

Starting pay is $10.49 an hour for Mary J. Carter, Sarah Yoder and Joyce Dykstra.

COA doing survey

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The St. Joseph County Commission on Aging wishes to remind residents that a survey geared toward the population in the northern region of the county has gone live.

As a way to gauge feedback from residents 55 years of age and older, the agency has produced 20,000 copies of the survey. The questionnaires may be found in government buildings, libraries, the COA headquarters in Three Rivers, restaurants and this past Saturday’s Three Rivers Commercial-News.

COA executive director Lynn Coursey said the agency’s level of services will be evaluated and taken into account as a result of the surveys. The agency has already completed a broad survey of its residents in the southern tier of the county.

Deadline for the current survey is Jan. 11.

Finding location for senior center

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The St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners has agreed to work with an Ohio-based firm to prepare a study of potential locations for a new senior center.

As a result of last week’s vote by commissioners, Lifespan Design Studio will evaluate three potential locations for a new Sturgis senior center.

The $11,000 approved for the undertaking will provide commissioners opinions from a company with experience and credibility in such tasks, county officials said.

Options under consideration are a new facility adjacent to the Doyle Community Center on the east side of town, partial modification of the Sturges-Young Auditorium or refurbishing a former grocery store.

A report on Lifespan’s findings will be yielded later this year either to county administrator Pat Yoder or the five-member commission itself.

Board to meet in Sept.

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The Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Board of St. Joseph County has issued a notice regarding its annual public hearing next month.

Though the public is invited to attend any monthly meeting, the September meeting is typically when clients and the public attend to provide feedback or raise issues regarding services and all other relevant matters pertaining to the Centreville-based agency.

The meeting location is at a different site and not at the Centreville office. The St. Joseph County Commission on Aging Community Room in Three Rivers will be the venue for the public hearing. It will start at 5 p.m. Sept. 23 and will also include a budget proposal for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Location for Senior Center

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A consultant to review possible locations for a senior center in the Sturgis area is being considered by the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners.

Though no action on the matter was taken during Tuesday’s meeting, commissioners during last week’s executive committee meeting heard from Lynn Coursey, Commission on Aging director. She said senior-center development is a niche market and stressed the importance of utilizing a site consultant familiar with senior needs.

Coursey said working with local architects and builders also is a strong attribute when considering a consultant.

At least three different sites within Sturgis are on the table as potential locations.

Commissioner Rick Shaffer said the matter should be deferred to the county’s building authority, whose members could discuss the issue and offer a recommendation to the board.

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