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Out and About Blog by Norm Stutesman

Out and About – Week of August 10

     Sunday, August 23, a new show will open at the Carnegie Center for the Arts. Located at 107 North Main Street in Three Rivers, the Carnegie would like everyone to know about “First Call for Fall”, which opens from 2 to 4 P.M. on August 23 and runs until 5 P.M. on Sunday, October 18.       “First Call for ...

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Out and About – Week of August 3rd

     KA-PUTTA, KA-PUTTA, KA-PUTTA.  If you haven’t already figured that out, that’s the sound of an old Allis-Chalmers tractor warming up. It could also be a John Deere tractor just getting started, but then the sound would be green. Anyway, that’s something similar to the sound you’ll hear this next weekend at  Boot Hill Ranch near Jones. August 7, 8, ...

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Out and About – Week of July 27

     The Three Rivers Community Players are trying something new this season. They have added a summer show to their 2008-2009 season. SQUABBLES, a two-act comedy,  will take the stage on the last two weekends in August at the Players’ Theatre on Millard Road, directly west of Dairy Queen in Three Rivers. Director Jackie Starr has already cast the show, ...

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Out and About – Week of July 13

     This last weekend, we once again left our comfort zone of Three Rivers and traveled south to White Pigeon. We didn’t need a passport, and we didn’t need to make sure our immunization record was current. White Pigeon is the home of Lilly Jean’s, a drive-in, where they still have carhops and you can enjoy a good hot dog ...

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Out and About – Week of July 5th

     Before I forget, here are the answers to the trivia questions I posed to you last week:  In the 1940s, where were car headlight dimmer switches located?  Answer: On the floor board to the left of the clutch. Why was having milk delivered a problem in northern winters?  Answer: Milkmen left deliveries outside of front doors and milk would ...

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Out and About – Week of June 29

     The Fourth of July is Saturday. You might want to do as I’m planning to do and  top off the car’s gas tank today or tomorrow. I’m not speculating, but I’d put money on the fact that gas prices will jump up significantly before Saturday. It’s called “greed”, and it runs rampant among the oil companies.       Some of ...

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