Tax-break for businesses

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Members of the Sturgis City Commission last week approved tax-break requests for three businesses.

The requests for Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificates were granted to Mayer Tool and Engineering, Americraft Carton and Burr Oak Tool.

Mayer Tool’s request was for a 12-year abatement of almost $55,000 on the purchase of new equipment.

Americraft Carton sought $6.2 million was for new equipment and a building expansion.

Meanwhile, Burr Oak Tool’s request is tied in with a three-year expansion project. The company is investing more than $4.9 million in technology, tooling and machining equipment. It is also planning to construct a new building in the Dresser Industrial Park.

Plant to get reimbursed

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Constantine village and township plan to reimburse more than $200,000 owed to a former manufacturing plant following a reassessment of its property taxes.

Village officials this week were told Rexam Closure Systems appealed its 2011 tax assessment. The assessment was $11.2 million but reduced to $4.5 million following its appeal. As a result, the village and township owe a total reimbursement of $215,000.

The village-owed portion is in excess of $70,000 and will be paid back in three installments annually starting in January 2014, village manager Mark Honeysett said. Constantine Township has not yet announced its repayment plan.

Rexam, which was the largest employer in Constantine, closed in December 2010.

Sales-tax relief

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State Rep. Matt Lori on Tuesday voted for legislation that offers sales-tax relief for Michigan residents who buy new and used vehicles and watercraft.

The House and Senate approved bills that eliminate buyers having to pay sales tax on the full price of a car, watercraft or recreational vehicle purchase without subtracting the value of trade-ins.

Michigan is one of six states that charge sales tax on the full purchase price of cars or boats, which Lori said amounts to being double taxed on the value of the trade-in.

Residents who trade in a vehicle or watercraft when purchasing a new or used one will realize savings because the sales tax would be levied on the actual amount residents pay out of pocket, not on the newer item’s sticker price. As it stands now, people are required to pay sales tax on the cost of a vehicle or boat even if a trade-in lowers their actual out-of-pocket cost.

City grants tax abatement

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Members of the Sturgis City Commission have granted a 12-year tax abatement to Johnson Precision Mold and Engineering.

Located in the North Centerville Road business park, the company is investing more than $100,000 in new equipment – primarily a high-speed machining center.

Cathy Knapp, manufacturing specialist for the city, said the investment allows the company to increase its sales.

In addition, Knapp said the quality of the company’s products should also improve with the newer technology.

Company officials said the investment would help retain seven jobs and has the potential to create two new jobs.

Program designed to assist

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St. Joseph County treasurer Judith Ratering has included the county in a state program designed to assist homeowners who have fallen behind on their property taxes.

“Help for Hardest Hit; Step Forward, Michigan” is a state initiative to assist homeowners who have endured a financial hardship and are unable to catch up on their property taxes.

Discussing the program last week before the county board of commissioners, Ratering said if a prospective recipient is determined eligible, a one-time payment will be sent directly to the county treasurer to pay delinquent taxes.

Ratering and her participating peers across the state are partnering with the Michigan Housing Development Authority to help Michigan’s hardest hit avoid foreclosure and remain in their home. The program is supported through $498 million in federal funds.

Homeowners may apply for assistance through the website

Voters to vote on millage

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Voters in the Three Rivers Community Schools district will be asked later this year to renew a non-homestead tax that generated more than $3.7 million last year.

The 20-year-request will appear before voters in May, as the current non-homestead tax is expiring soon and renewal of what is currently more than 17.2 mills the district collects is essential to its operations, according to Superintendent Roger Rathburn.

After discussing the matter at Monday’s board of education meeting, district officials agreed to pursue a renewal that, if approved, would equal 18.2242 mills. The amount in excess of 18 mills would help offset expected reductions over the course of the next 20 years.

Non-homestead tax is collected only from businesses and owners of a secondary residence within the district’s boundaries.

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