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Pet of the Week


Hi, we are the “champagne” of calico kitties. We are called dilute calico because our colors are very muted – tans, greys, creams. We are sweet, long-haired females and are very beautiful, or that’s what the ladies say. We are about 8 months old, litter-trained and are polydactyls – cats with more than five toes. Our calico friend from a ... Read More »

Snoop Dog

Hi. My name is Snoop Dog and this picture is just so “Me”. I am a very happy, energetic little beagle, about 3 years old. I am tri-colored, but my coloring is unusual. My black spots are more gray and my brown spots are tan. It’s really quite pretty. I love to play with squeaky toys and like to play ... Read More »


If you think I am pretty you should also come and see my three friends who recently came into animal control. There are two more calicoes like me and a black little miss with white whiskers and white feet. We are all females and some of us are polydactyls, which means we have more than 5 toes. Legend says polydactyls ... Read More »

Sweet Pea

Good Afternoon. My name is Sweet Pea and that is a very good name for me because I am very sweet. I am a female, brown and white shepherd mix, about 2 years old. If you offer me a treat I will shake your hand, sit and sometimes even lie down. I am pretty calm and not a real high ... Read More »

Miss Kitty

My name is Miss Kitty and I am a black and white female cat. I’m about 1-1/2 years old and am very friendly. I have this cute little black spot on the end of my nose. I’m not super active and would love to be a part of your family. Come in and see how good I am with people. ... Read More »


Hi. My name is Daytona and I am a male, tan, german shepherd mix. I’m about 2 years old and I LOVE to play and I have a very cute black muzzle. I have great potential for someone who wants to spend some time to train me. I learn very quickly and already know how to sit on command. I ... Read More »