DDA explores historic district

January 22, 2010 by WLKM 

Establishment of a Local Historic District under Michigan’s Local Historic District Act will be a topic for conversation during the next regular meeting of the Three Rivers City Commission.

That fact was noted by City Manager Joe Bippus and Christy Trammell, Executive Director of the Three Rivers Downtown Development Authority (DDA), during the January meeting of the DDA Board of Directors Thursday morning (January 21st).

During their February 2nd meeting, city commissioners will be asked to adopt a resolution that gives the authority to conduct a historic district study. They will also be asked to appoint members of the study committee.

Trammell reported the names of six people who are being recommended by the DDA for appointment to the study committee – Danielle Moreland, Doug Mitchell, Jerry Wright, Curt Penny, Judy Gilchrist, and Larry-Michael Hackenberg – and indicated that all have agreed to serve. Trammell will be working with the group and wondered if she, too, should be appointed. In response to her query, Bippus said, “I don’t think it would hurt to have you appointed.”

The Local Historic District Act declares historic preservation a public purpose to safeguard a community’s heritage, strengthen local economies, stabilize and improve property values, foster civic beauty and promote history. It enables local governments to adopt a historic district ordinance that contains design review guidelines based on national standards and to appoint a historic district commission to implement the ordinance.

The DDA agreed to take the first step toward establishment of a Local Historic District during its October meeting after a presentation on the subject during its September meeting.


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