TR DDA holds meeting

March 19, 2010 by WLKM 

The process aimed at establishing and utilizing a Local Historic District Ordinance in downtown Three Rivers is moving forward.

Christy Trammell, Executive Director of the Three Rivers Downtown Development Authority (DDA), provided an update on the topic during the March meeting of the DDA Board of Directors Thursday morning (March 18th).

The Three Rivers City Commission set the process in motion February 2nd by adopting a resolution to authorize the appointment of a Historic District Study Committee to conduct a Historic District Study. The commission also appointed the seven-member committee consisting of Trammell, Judy Gilchrist, Larry-Michael Hackenberg, Doug Mitchell, Danielle Moreland, Curt Penny and Jerry Wright.

Trammell reported that the committee has had two meetings so far and said, “We are at the phase now where we are educating the building owners. We will do that on an individual basis. There’s a subcommittee doing that and, hopefully, we’ll be able to see all of them in person, except the ones of live out of town.”

Trammell said there are 69 buildings that will be included in the district and indicated that – in addition to the education activity – the group is doing “field work,” photographing buildings to identify changes that have occurred to both the fronts and backs in the last 22 years, using an earlier photo for comparison.

Trammell said the group is working with Nan Taylor of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network who will come to Three Rivers and “do a public education where we will formally invite all the building owners to come and hear the advantages and the effects that it has on the area.”

Regarding the study committee and its efforts, Trammell said, “We’re pretty excited that the group is actively pursuing this and that they are very passionate about preserving downtown Three Rivers.”


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