SJCTA receives grant

March 22, 2010 by WLKM 

Federal Recovery Act funding continues to flow to Michigan, this time as a $524,000 Flex Funds Grant to small transit agencies in 13 counties including St. Joseph County.

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the grant will enable bus agencies to purchase items needed to provide services and keep operations running efficiently. Purchases will include maintenance equipment, computers, vehicles, tires, bike racks and surveillance equipment and more. This round of federal funding represents another opportunity to upgrade the overall condition of the rural transit fleet.

The Flex Funds Grant includes a total of $110,121 for the St. Joseph County Transportation Authority (SJCTA). Here are the projects and associated costs included in the funding for the SJCTA:

• Support Vehicle – $23,156

• Upgrade Phone System – $25,000

• Computer Replacement – $1,200

• Maintenance Equipment – $9,569

• Facility Renovation – $51,196.

The projects were selected at the local level, involving road, transit and local governments. The funding grants required no match from the local system or from the state of Michigan.

To view details about the Flex Funds Grant of 14 projects in 13 counties that was approved by the Federal Transit Administration, plus the project cost, click here.

Earlier this month, MDOT announced $12 million-plus in Phase 2 of Recovery Act funding in a two-part distribution of approximately $25 million to benefit Michigan’s rural and small city bus passengers. That round included $56,715 for the SJCTA.


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