LarsonBonnie is still waiting, Elsie is still wondering what will happen to her as are the three little kitties.

I am now being called Larson. I had this other home but no one there knew how to take care of me so now I need a much better home. I have some very sore fly bites on my ears, they are putting medicine on them but I need a home where they will take me inside and not let that happen to me. I am kind of shy but really do like people, it just takes a little time to warm up. Please come and spend some time with me. You will find me in pen 9 docket 10822 at the St Joe County Animal Control Shelter located at 652 E. main Street, Centreville. Animal Control is opened Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 4:30 PM, and until 7 PM on Wednesday evenings. Their phone # is 269-464-7567. Up-Cycled Pets needs reliable foster homes so some pets can leave the shelter and learn more about living in a safe home before adoption, go to for more information about how to help this group. Please visit the Animal Rescue Fund web site at to see more adoptable pets.