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Lentz receives award

A veteran officer with the Sturgis Police Department was announced the recipient of the fourth annual Mike Scott Investigator of the Year award.

Patrolman Bill Lentz, who joined the Sturgis force in August 1987, was presented the award by Prosecutor John McDonough during Tuesday’s St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners meeting.

The 54-year-old Lentz was recognized for his role in encouraging three victims of a sex-abuse case to testify against a suspect who was convicted of the crimes, McDonough said.

Lentz, who worked previously in Barry County and the village of Schoolcraft, arrived at Tuesday’s meeting unaware of the honor that awaited him.

The award is named after the now-retired Mike Scott, who worked for the Michigan State Police at White Pigeon and was the inaugural recipient of the award in 2009.

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