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Village declines bid

White Pigeon village officials declined to accept a bid on the community’s former municipal office and property.

Instead of accepting the $12,500 offer from Joe Winkfine during a special meeting Tuesday, village council members decided to start a new round of sealed bidding. A deadline of 4 p.m. Thursday next week was set.

Those opposed to Winkfine’s bid said they believe the property, located at 118 S. Kalamazoo St., is worth more than what was offered. Village council members said they appreciate Winkfine’s plan to open a screen-printing business on the site and urged him to resubmit a bid in the current process.

The property is likely to be awarded to the highest bidder at the council’s March 20 meeting.

During previous sealed-bid opportunities, the village set minimum bids at $30,000, then $25,000. In both cases, no bids were received.

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