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Special meeting for Constantine Schools

Constantine Public Schools Superintendent Chuck Frisbie said a special meeting will take place Wednesday next week to discuss school safety, middle school building updates and the concept of year-round school.

Frisbie said he and school board members have received input on the subject of year-round school from parents and he would like to use next week’s session to further discuss the proposal.

Frisbie said the idea of year-round schooling has been discussed casually among the county’s superintendents, as a number of schools in the state are, too, since Gov. Snyder said there could be money attached to year-round schedules, Frisbie said.

He said 58 percent of Michigan’s high school graduates go on to attend college or a technical school. At 34 percent, St. Joseph County is in need of proposals to boost the number of graduates who continue their education, Frisbie said.

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