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Complaints of phone scam in the area


The St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Department’s Criminal Investigation Division received a complaint in regards to a phone scam.

The complainant advised they received a call indicating their debit card had been temporarily locked. The complainant was instructed to press a combination of numbers that would transfer them to a call center.

Sheriff’s officials are suggesting anyone who receives a similar call to not press any numbers, and instead hang up the phone. The complainant’s bank was notified and confirmed this was a scam.


One comment

  1. Reminds me of the call I got on my cell from 25363827 number. It was an automated message saying my Mastercard has been locked and then there was an instruction to press 1 to unlock the card. After a message, the call dropped. But the problem is, I don’t own a MasterCard. I also know that banks don’t use automated messages to inform customers about issues on their account. I knew it was a bluff and reported the phone number to Callercenter to warn others.