Three Rivers May Purchase Walk-Through

June 4, 2008 by WLKM News Room 

The Three Rivers City Commission has indicated a willingness to provide a down payment of $30,000 toward the purchase of the walk through connecting the new East City Parking Lot to North Main Street, but wants some details worked out before actually authorizing such an allocation. The consensus of hesitant support came during last night’s (Tuesday, June 3rd) commission meeting in response to a request from the Three Rivers Downtown Development Authority for the city’s help in acquiring the walk through at 25 North Main Street using dollars from the remaining funds for the parking lot project. The DDA has proposed purchase of the property from Meyer Ventures LLC, developer of the walk through, on a land contract for $200,000. Meyer Ventures has provided accounting showing costs totaling more than $265,000 for the walk through project. The DDA has proposed maintaining the walk through and making the remainder of the payments. While expressing general support for the transaction and DDA control of the walk through, the commission opted to request more information before acting on the payment request.


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