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Out and About – Week of October 31st

Tuesday, November 8, is another opportunity for all of us to do our civic duty and go to the polls to cast our vote. One of the items on the ballot will be TR Health’s request to be a community owned 501-C-3 entity. I’ve talked with TR Health CEO Bill Russell and have also heard him give an informative presentation ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of October 24th

In celebration of autumn, the First United Methodist Church Women will host their annual Famous Swiss Steak Dinner Thursday, November 3, beginning at 5:30 P.M., in the church’s fellowship hall. The cost for the dinner is $8 for adults and $3.50 for children under 12. Frozen pies will also be available for purchase. The First United Methodist Church is located ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of October 17th

I think we can safely put away our shorts and sandals for another year. We have enjoyed a fantastic and colorful Indian summer, and it’s now time to rake the leaves and look for the snow shovel, or dust off the snow blower. To quote my sister, “I just love the change of seasons.” Just think, two months from next ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of October 10

I was fortunate to spend most of last weekend in Mackinaw City. The trip up and back was filled with fall colors. Unfortunately, I made the trip alone, so I couldn’t share the excitement of the colors with anyone. It’s sort of like taking a trip to Yellowstone or Cedar Point by yourself. You really need someone with you to ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of October 3rd

“Volunteer….the world is run by those who show up.” I truly believe this. As a matter of fact, I’ve been known to have this as my motto. I enjoy volunteering, and the other volunteers that I spend time with are among the finest people you’d ever want to be associated with. The only pay you receive is a good night’s ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of September 26th

The 2011 St. Joseph County Grange Fair is now in the history books. The numbers are not in yet, so we don’t know if the fair was a monetary success or not, but from what I’ve heard, everyone seemed to have a good time. For once, the weather cooperated, so I’m sure the numbers were good. I’ve heard from some ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of September 19th

The St. Joseph County Grange Fair is now in progress. It’s too early to tell how the fair will do as far as profit margins and attendance are concerned. A lot depends on the weather. Usually “Fair Week” means plenty of rain, which is a shame, but this is Michigan and this is September. The entertainment is top notch, the ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of September 12th

This past weekend was a mixture of sadness and celebration. Saturday the funeral for Three Rivers Fire Lt. Erika Bloomfield was held. She fought the bravest battle with cancer, but finally succumbed last week. I’ve heard more than once that she had “spunk”, and during my brief time of working with her, I found that to be true. She didn’t ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of September 5th

As promised, here are the answers to last week’s trivia questions: The Russians celebrate the October Revolution in November. The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after dogs (canines). King George’s first name was Albert. We get cat gut from sheep and horses. I hope that everyone enjoyed a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend. I don’t know where ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of August 29th

Back in the day, there were about 21 gas stations in the Three Rivers area. Self-service didn’t exist, and you would get your windshield cleaned, oil checked, and have your tire pressure checked. It also wasn’t uncommon to tell the station attendant to put in a buck’s worth of gasoline. The latter is very difficult to do these days. There ... Read More »