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Out and About – Week of April 26th

This weekend is special. Saturday is the first of May. To me, it’s a sign that we probably will not be blessed with any significant accumulation of snow until next winter. However, this is Michigan, and I’ve learned to never say never. If May 1 doesn’t excite you, perhaps you should know that the Three Rivers Lions Club will conduct ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of April 19th.

This is my favorite time of the year. The chances of a snowstorm are slim. We shouldn’t hear anything about wind chill factors for a while, and basically, as far as the weather is concerned, it’s great to be in Michigan. If we could do something about the unemployment rate, the price of gasoline, and the pothole-infected roads, this would ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of April 12th

This month marks the start of my fifth year of putting together the” Out and About” column. It’s been a fun four years so far, and I look forward to many more years of sharing my thoughts and ideas with you. This has not been a solo mission. Without my wife’s editing expertise, all doubt as to my sanity would ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of April 5th

The Three Rivers Lions Club has selected Jo Moyer as their 2010 Citizen of the Year. I’m sure you have all heard about this already. For those of you uninformed, the Citizen of the Year banquet will be Tuesday, April 27, at A Place in Time in downtown Three Rivers. The evening’s celebration begins with a social hour at six, ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of March 29th

Last Thursday we lost Meezer. Meezer was a Siamese cat that my wife had had for about eighteen years. There was a time when she could hold him in one hand. I met Meezer when I started courting my wife. He reminded me of myself when I was younger. He was cross-eyed, he could be referred to as being snaggle-toothed, ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of March 22

Spring officially arrived last Saturday, March 20. This is according to the calendar I have in my office. I’m pretty sure, however, that spring began about two or three weeks ago. “How do you know this?” you ask. Well, the temperature has been in the fifties, buds are on the trees, the water level in the rivers has risen, and ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of March 15th

Congratulations to the Three Rivers High School basketball teams, both boys and girls. You gave it all you could to make it to the finals and we couldn’t be prouder of your dedication and desire to be state champions. You are all champions in our eyes, and you should be proud of playing with true Wildcat spirit and never letting ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of March 8th

A reminder from last week’s column concerning Embarr, an acoustic-music ensemble based in Kalamazoo. This Irish-themed group will perform at the Riviera Theatre this Saturday, March 13, at 7 P.M. Embarr’s focus is based upon both traditional and new interpretations of songs and ballads from Ireland, Scotland, and England. All tickets are $5 and are available at the Riviera Theatre ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of March 1st

I dedicate this week’s column to Susan Lowry. I’m not exactly sure why I’m doing this, except for the fact that I really like the Lowry family and consider Tom Senior, Yvonne, and Tom Junior special friends. Like many others, Barb and I told Tom that if he ever needed anything, just give us a call. I’m sure he is ... Read More »

Out and About – Week of Feb. 22nd

This is the time of the year that some people dread the most, for the “Tax Man” is wide-awake and on the move. Some will pay additional money by April 15, and some may have already received a tax refund. If you are among the latter, and are having difficulty deciding what to do with this unexpected gift from Uncle ... Read More »