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Mark My Words

Mark My Words – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and for many, it is a day that can cause some extreme stress! We all want to surprise our Valentine with a special gift, a great dinner and a wonderful time. But the worry sets in that maybe we aren’t doing enough, or the gifts won’t be well recieved. Or worse yet, do they even …

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Mark My Words – Talk to your children!

Are we losing our ability to have conversations? Is the art of conversation becoming a lost art, in itself? It is hard to imagine that something as simple as having a conversation could become a thing of the past, but sadly, it feels that way, especially when you are talking to the younger generation. In a discussion with some colleagues …

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Mark My Words – Farewell to 2015

Dear 2015, After 365 days, it is time to say farewell to you. So many things happened this past year. Not just in my life, but in the lives of my family, friends and everyone else whose lives were touched by you. It is hard to comprehend all that has transpired over the past 12 months. Some things we wish …

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Mark My Words – Christmas shopping for my wife!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I do not mind going Black Thursday/Friday shopping. Even though I made a few mistakes this year with my shopping that night, which caused me to have to make a few returns the next day, I still find some fun in it all. I think partly because I am not one of those …

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Mark My Words – Black Friday Fun

I have never been much of a Black Friday shopper. Before 2005, I had only gone Black Friday shopping ONE time and that was back in 1987. I don’t recall people standing outside for hours, or even days to snatch that special deal, but that trend may not have been around way back then. We hit the mall, we went …

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Mark My Words – Confusion over “the cup”

Everything has the capability of turning into a major controversy these days. Things people say or what they do or even what they don’t do. What people wear or don’t wear. Where you work, who you donate money to, what you believe, who you support, who you dated, where you went to school, what you write in a book, where …

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