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Mark My Words

Comerica Park reflections

I have been a Detroit Tigers fan for many, many years. I grew up listening to them and the late, great Ernie Harwell on the radio. I watched them on TV when Al Kaline and George Kell did the play-by-play. As a child, I would cut out articles and pictures about the Tigers and tape them to my bedroom wall. …

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The pat heard around the world

It was the “pat” heard around the world. Well, that may be exaggerating a little bit, but it certainly became newsworthy. While standing before a judge in regards to a probation violation in a Florida courtroom, former NFL player and Dancing with the Stars contestant Chad Johnson, formerly known as Chad Ochocinco and Chad Johnson before that, decided to have …

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Suffering from presentee-ism

I read with interest a story in the Wall Street Journal last week that was titled “Go Ahead, Hit the Snooze Button.” I love sleep. I love sleeping in even more. But I never use the snooze button. My wife, on the other hand, is just the opposite. I usually set my alarm to go off about 6:40 a.m. If …

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On maintaining professionalism in the face of loss

Nobody likes a sore loser. It doesn’t matter who, what, why, where, when or how, we have all been taught to hold our head high, even in defeat, no matter how heartbreaking the loss. A loss is tough, no matter the situation. We do not like to lose. But we all do come up as a loser every now and …

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Banished words: A New Year’s tradition

What words make you cringe when you hear them? Are there some words that you could go without ever hearing again? Lake Superior State University recently released its annual “banished words list” and has been doing so since 1976. What began as a silly publicity stunt for the little-known school has since turned into a New Year’s Day tradition. According …

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Birthday Reflections

Birthdays! Some of us love them and will dedicate an entire week to celebrating the special day, while others hope and prefer that it just go unnoticed and treat it just like “any other day.” In any event, I hope that everyone at least has cake, pie, ice cream, cookies, or whatever you enjoy on your special day. If not, …

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