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Mark My Words

Are soft-drink rules just the beginning?

Everyone complains that the government has too much power. Everyone seems to get upset when new laws or regulations come out that seem to hamper our “freedoms” as Americans. Isn’t that what being an American is all about? Being able to make your own decisions and basically do what you want (within reason of course). The government has taken a …

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Graduation: so recent, yet so long ago

The Constantine High School class of 1992 hit a milestone this past Thursday as we “celebrated” 20 years to the day that we graduated from high school. While it doesn’t seem like 20 years could possibly have passed already, at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago. Today, several of my former classmates and I are making plans …

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Why I am involved in Relay for Life

I like to think that I have been active in the community as it relates to supporting the numerous causes that are out there. I have cleaned parks, signed petitions, bought my fair share of Girl Scout Cookies, donated to the food pantry, raised money to help prevent child abuse and the list goes on and on. It seems that …

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Mother’s Day Reflections

Mother’s Day is one of those days where I spend a lot of time reflecting. As you may recall from previous columns, my mother, Judith (Wellington) McGlothlen, passed away at the age of 39 following a battle with cancer. Being just four years old when she died, my memories of her are few and far between. In fact, the memories …

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Sucked into social networking

Several years ago a couple of friends told me that I should seriously considering getting on “MySpace.” Social networking was the way of the future and I was going to be left behind if I did not create an account and join the fun! I had heard about the site, but at the time, I did not really see a …

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The great lottery debate and spring break fun

I am not one to play the lottery very often. I buy scratch-off tickets now and then, and usually I am not very lucky. I think the most I have won on one ticket is $50. I remember where I was when I bought that ticket and what kind of ticket it was. My wife and I were shopping at …

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