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Mark My Words

Movin’ on up … wait, not yet

When my wife and I purchased our first home back in 2004, we knew it was not going to be the home that we lived in for the rest of our lives. It was small, needed some work, but we both agreed that we could make it work. The fact that it fit into our budget at the time was …

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Funny how things work out sometimes

When National City Bank was purchased by PNC Bank back in October of 2008, that left many workers wondering what would happen to their jobs. I had been through the whole “merger” act before. I was hired by First of America Bank in January of 1996 and in November of the following year, National City bought FOA. It doesn’t matter …

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Stop the name calling! Bring on the ideas!

One thing I said I would not do this year is write a politically charged column giving my reasons as to whom I am voting for and the reasons why. I did that in 2008. My candidate lost. That, coupled with the fact that when, a few years ago in my preview column, I predicted the Kalamazoo Wings would sweep …

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We’re in this together

When my wife and I became engaged and eventually got married, many of our family and friends said it came as no surprise as they always knew we would end up together. I guess we just had that “they are going to get married and live happily ever after” appeal to us. For the past nine years, we have done …

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“Daddy, can we get a zebra?”

Like most children, our daughters are always asking if we can have more pets. We currently have two cats, Dreyfus and Calum. Dreyfus is the old man of the two as he just had his 15th birthday and Calum is right behind him at 13. Although my wife loves our cats — she picked them out — her biggest fear …

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When is a good time to tell the truth?

The obvious answer is always, of course! I will say that I have not always been honest and a few little mistruths might have crept out of my mouth every now and then. Very few times, mind you! But in any event, I admit that I have told a few stories in my time. I hate to say it, but …

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