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Out and About Blog by Norm Stutesman

Out and About – Week of June 19th

Water Festival 2017 is now in the history books. My participation in this event was limited, so I have no idea how successful the vendors in Scidmore Park were, or how many attended the classic car show on Main Street, Saturday morning. I do know that the parade was as entertaining as ever and that the Three Rivers Lions Club …

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Out and About – Week of June 12th

I could never be a teacher. Besides the fact that one needs more than a Bachelor’s Degree, a teacher must also have the patience of a saint. Teachers are among those professionals who should be addressed as Mister, Mrs., or Miss, and this would be difficult for me. Whenever someone refers to me as Mr. Stutesman, I start looking around …

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Out and About – Week of June 5th

I’ve never been much of a boss. While working for a freight forwarder near O’Hare Airport in Chicago, I vied for a position as warehouse foreman. I was told that I didn’t get the position because I wasn’t a hard-nose slave driver. They used another term, but I’ll refrain from using that name here. I’ve overseen individuals working toward a …

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Out and About – Week of May 29th

Everyone has their share of problems. Sometimes the problems are small and easily solved. Other times they are beyond imagination. We’ve all had problems so difficult that we’d wish we would wake up and discover that it was all just a bad dream. I remember listening to a speaker whose topic centered on problems that people encounter and have to …

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Out and About – Week of May 22nd

I admit that I do my share of procrastinating, especially when it comes to having to tackle a task I don’t want to do. It’s so easy to say, “I’ll take care of it tomorrow.” Tomorrow is one of my favorite days. People usually procrastinate the most when it comes to that “Honey-Do” list. This is that list that never …

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Out and About – Week of May 15th

If you are a Snowbird and have just migrated back to Pure Michigan from the balmy south, may I say, “Welcome Home”. You missed a pretty nice winter, and according to some, you might have been better off to stay here, rather than risk the flooding and storms of some of the southern states. I received several phone calls from …

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