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Out and About Blog by Norm Stutesman

Out and About – Week of October 12th

Like many my age, my health is closer to the top of my priority list than it was fifteen years ago. I had a heart attack in 2001, and have been on some sort of medication since then. I’m also a Type II Diabetic. I was on insulin for about a year, but I’m now able to control my numbers …

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Out and About – Week of October 5th

Next Sunday, October 11, is the annual Fall Color Tour here in the Three Rivers area. The weather usually cooperates and provides us with sunny skies and cool temperatures. The kind of day where a glass of apple cider or a cup of hot chocolate just seems like the perfect thing to quench that thirst or warm you up a …

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Out and About – Week of September 28th

I’ve commented in the past about our senses. Sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, and even common. This past week we had the opportunity to attend the annual St. Joe County Grange Fair in Centreville. What a wonderful chance to experience all of these precious senses. I was one of the volunteers who shuttled patrons from place to place via one …

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Out and About – Week of September 21st

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who share my interest in Facebook. I’ve learned a lot from Facebook, and it’s a way of keeping up on current events and what’s happening in the lives of those friends and acquaintances. I’m intrested in hearing about trips that my friends are planning, but I wonder why they post these plans …

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Out and About – Week of September 14th

I was lucky to be raised by parents who were teachers. I was fortunate to receive my education when cursive writing and grammar were important in the school curriculum. I am even luckier to be married to a retired Language Arts teacher, who keeps me on my toes when it comes to the proper use of grammar. Cursive writing and …

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Out and About – Week of September 7th

The month of August doesn’t have any real significance, other than being the last real month of summer and usually the hottest month of the year. The month doesn’t have any holidays in it, yet it usually provides the last chance to get away for a brief vacation with the family before school starts. August is, however, the time when …

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