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Out and About Blog by Norm Stutesman

Out and About – Week of December 2nd

Ah, the holiday shopping season is now in full forward motion. With “Black Friday” behind us, we can now venture into the stores without fear of being trampled, stomped on, or being severely scratched. I’d like to give the ladies a few suggestions, so that when they shop for that man in their life, they might have an idea what …

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Out and About – Week of November 25th

Welcome to Thanksgiving week. The day after tomorrow, everyone should take a few minutes to sit back and reflect on the many things that they should be thankful for. This should be done prior to sitting down and stuffing yourself with too much food, then assuming a prone position on the couch and watching your favorite football team lose. A …

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Out and About – Week of November 18th

My office is a mess. I consider it my den, or it may also be considered my “Man Cave”. I use the office for several different things. I, of course, prepare my column here; I also handle a lot of Lions Club business, do a quarterly high school class newsletter, and have recently taken over preparing the monthly Lions Club …

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Out and About – Week of November 11th

This past weekend was another weekend spent in “God’s Country”. My wife and I attended a seminar held at the R.A. MacMullan Center near Roscommon, Michigan. We’ve both attended seminars there in the past, so we were looking forward to this opportunity to gather once again with about one hundred of our closest friends, enjoy some great food, share a …

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Out and About – Week of November 4th

Welcome to November and the holiday season. There are already Christmas decorations out, but they’ve been out for a week or so, so this isn’t any real news. We still have Thanksgiving to look forward to, and I have plenty to be thankful for this year. This past weekend you should have set your clocks back one hour. If you …

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Out and About – Week of October 28th

In last week’s column, I told about a trip that we made up north to the West Branch area, and I mentioned specifically about visiting the small town of Fairview, which was where many of my aunts, uncles, grandmother, and cousins lived during my childhood years. This trip back affected me in a way that I’ve never been affected before. …

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