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Out and About Blog by Norm Stutesman

Out and About – Week of September 16th

I mentioned last month that I would let everyone know about an open house for the “Five Fabulous Females and Their Art”. The open house is scheduled for this Saturday, September 21, from noon to 2PM, at the Three Rivers Community Center, 103 South Douglas Avenue, in Three Rivers. This is your opportunity to meet Roxanne Barry, Christine Hartzell, Karen …

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Out and About – Week of September 9th

My office is small. If it were larger, I’d just fill it up with stuff. The late George Carlin once did a bit called, “Stuff”. I can truly relate to this, as can my wife. I think that all of us save, or collect, items that we probably will never use again. At one time, I had a nice set …

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Out and About – Week of September 2nd

I’m afraid this past weekend didn’t start out very well. Once again, I must reflect on the passing of a friend. Lion Bruce Snook passed away this last Thursday after a short illness. I’ve known Bruce for a little over thirteen years, and I can’t think of a gentler, more soft-spoken, and trustworthy individual. He was a man of integrity …

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Out and About – Week of August 26th

Next Monday, September 2, is Labor Day. Some of you may travel up to the Mackinac Bridge for the annual bridge walk. Others, like me, will prefer to stay home and off the dangerous highways. Be assured that you don’t need to head north to walk a bridge. The Three Rivers Woman’s Club will host their Third Annual Historic Three …

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Out and About – Week of August 19th

I remember going to school with a boy who was diabetic. I really felt sorry for him, because he had to have insulin shots every day. Like most children, I dreaded the times in grade school when we had to be immunized. I’m pretty sure that back then they didn’t use disposable syringes, so it was to one’s advantage to …

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Out and About – Week of August 12th

Some words that have changed over the years. The word “drugs” used to be a good thing. It was a cure for many ailments. Today, if someone has drugs in their possession, it is considered a bad thing. To attend a “concert” sixty years ago, was a different experience than attending a concert today. I’m devoting most of the column …

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