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Out and About Blog by Norm Stutesman

Out and About – Week of April 13th

The last time I checked, we humans have five senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. If you were to count “common”, that would be six. “Common” is probably the one sense that most of us are missing, and that is a shame. If I had to give up one of the other five, it would be a very difficult …

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Out and About – Week of April 6th

Parenting is probably the most challenging task a person can undertake. In most cases, learning how to parent is strictly on-the-job training. Oh, you can take classes on how to properly parent, or how to handle certain situations, but these classes and handbooks are most of the time written or conducted by individuals who have never been parents. It is …

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Out and About – Week of March 30th

I enjoy working crossword puzzles, especially puzzles found in this newspaper. There are some that I find challenging, and, luckily for me, there are some that are not that much of a challenge. I feel that by doing crossword puzzles, my mind gets some exercise. Like my father and my sister, I use a pen when working a puzzle. I …

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Out and About – Week of March 23rd

I’m at the age when some of my friends are having body parts either removed or replaced. A hip replacement here, a knee replacement there, or a gall bladder removed eventually. Someone once said that you should do any desired traveling while you’re young enough to enjoy it, because later on, you’ll be too busy having things done to your …

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Out and About – Week of March 16th

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. In Chicago, they put something in the Chicago River that turns it a very noticeable shade of green. Here in Three Rivers, we have a hard enough time just keeping the rivers free of debris. Should you choose to celebrate this special day, please do so responsibly, because tomorrow is another work day, and since I’m …

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Out and About – Week of March 9th

I normally place these trivia items at the end of this column, but I’m sure everyone has had enough of the winter weather, so I thought I’d add these fun-facts at the beginning. Fear not, for I’ll add something at the bottom of the column. Some fascinating facts that you might enjoy knowing. I didn’t check SNOPES, so I won’t …

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