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Out and About – Week of April 24th

The only time I saw my father cry was when I told him that my nephew, who was his first grandchild, had been killed in an auto accident. At that time, a “real” man didn’t openly shed tears. I am so grateful that times have changed, and that now it is not a sign of weakness for a man to …

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Hi! I’m Foxy and I am a male dilute gray cat, about 7-8 months old. I must have Siamese in me because I really like to talk and I have some beautiful blue eyes. I’m a little scared but am very friendly and love any attention you can give to me. I’m good about using my litter box, too. Please …

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Out and About – Week of April 17th

I am getting very close to surrendering my driver’s license. On a recent trip to Ann Arbor, we had to use I-94. I hate this highway beyond words. The speed limit for cars is 70 miles per hour, yet if you drive the limit, you will find yourself being passed by cars doing at least 80 or 85. The speed …

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Mark My Words – You, my friend, made it look easy

As I scoured my email the other day, sorting out the spam from the emails that I actually needed to read, one in particular caught my eye. The subject line made me nervous, so I hesitated opening it. I was worried for what this email contained. Anytime I see or hear the word “changes”, it causes me to pause. After …

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Out and About – Week of April 10th

People can attend college for as long as they wish, or for as long as their bankroll holds out and their grades remain acceptable. If they wish, they can work hard and receive many degrees and go on and succeed in any field they choose. However, I don’t know of anyone who has a degree in “Common Sense”. I doubt …

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Hi! I’m Junior and I am a male, tricolor beagle, about 2 years old. I am a small size beagle and very friendly. I’m quite a sweet boy and would really like to have a home and someone to love me. Please come in and see me and give me a new loving home. . My docket number is BIO17-000088, …

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