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Out and About – Week of May 22nd

I admit that I do my share of procrastinating, especially when it comes to having to tackle a task I don’t want to do. It’s so easy to say, “I’ll take care of it tomorrow.” Tomorrow is one of my favorite days. People usually procrastinate the most when it comes to that “Honey-Do” list. This is that list that never …

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Hi! My name is Tim and I am a black and white male cat, about 1-1/2 years old. I’m “dressed” to go out on the town with my tuxedo on, but I’d really rather find a nice, secure home. I’m very friendly and calm and love any attention you can give to me. Please come in to give me a …

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Out and About – Week of May 15th

If you are a Snowbird and have just migrated back to Pure Michigan from the balmy south, may I say, “Welcome Home”. You missed a pretty nice winter, and according to some, you might have been better off to stay here, rather than risk the flooding and storms of some of the southern states. I received several phone calls from …

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Mark My Words – The Kindness Project

Be Kind! Please rewind! I am sure those of us of a certain age remember this sticker that was plastered on VHS tapes rented from video stores back in the day. The theory behind that mantra was that if you rented a VHS movie, make sure you hit that rewind button before returning the video, so the person after you …

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Hi! I’m Hattie and I am a five year old female tabby/calico mix. I have already been spayed so I’m ready for you. I have long hair and it was matted so part of me has been sheared. That just makes me all that much cuter. I look like a little lion. I also have fuzzy little tufts in my …

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Out and About – Week of May 8th

I admit that my church attendance has been less than satisfactory, according to my mother’s standards. Growing up, I attended Sunday school and church every Sunday, as did my entire family, but for quite some time, I have not made an honest attempt to be a regular church goer. This has bothered me enough that I decided to seek out …

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