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Out and About – Week of October 12th

Like many my age, my health is closer to the top of my priority list than it was fifteen years ago. I had a heart attack in 2001, and have been on some sort of medication since then. I’m also a Type II Diabetic. I was on insulin for about a year, but I’m now able to control my numbers …

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Lucy Min Pin

Hi, My name is Lucy.  I am a Miniature Pinscher.  I am more than three years old.  They tell me I am a sweet girl.  I have a disability.  I am partially blind.  I love people especially if they let me know that they are going to pick me up.  I am teeny tiny. Animal Rescue Fund will spay/neuter the …

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Out and About – Week of October 5th

Next Sunday, October 11, is the annual Fall Color Tour here in the Three Rivers area. The weather usually cooperates and provides us with sunny skies and cool temperatures. The kind of day where a glass of apple cider or a cup of hot chocolate just seems like the perfect thing to quench that thirst or warm you up a …

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Mark My Words — The Lottery: Somebody won, but it wasn’t me!

I am not one to play the lottery. I can count on my fingers the number of times I actually bought a Lotto, Mega Millions or Power Ball ticket. I am more prone to buy scratch off tickets. I don’t quite know or understand their appeal to me, but I will buy a few over the course of a few …

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Lil Boy


Hi, there.    I am “lil boy”.  I have some unique black and white markings.  I am about 3 months old.  The ladies think I am sweet.  I’m very cute, with a face that is irresistible.  I like to be with people and am very friendly. Animal Rescue Fund will spay/neuter the pet of the week for free at Kalamazoo humane Society.  Please …

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Out and About – Week of September 28th

I’ve commented in the past about our senses. Sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, and even common. This past week we had the opportunity to attend the annual St. Joe County Grange Fair in Centreville. What a wonderful chance to experience all of these precious senses. I was one of the volunteers who shuttled patrons from place to place via one …

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