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Out and About – Week of July 6th

If you are considering opening a business here in Three Rivers, you really might want to give this some serious thought. This is strictly my opinion based on what I’ve seen and heard from local business owners. Growing up here in Three Rivers, I am fully aware that things are different now than they were fifty years ago. We can …

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Bear Bear

100_9406 (2)

  Puurrrrr, Please come in and see me. I am a beautiful black, intact male, three years old. My eyes are so dark. The ladies here at Animal Control tell me I deserve a single cat home with mature humans. The staff here just discovered that I eat better when given cooked chicken. Won’t you please make me part of …

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Out and About – Week of June 29th

A couple of weeks ago, I accompanied my wife to a brief reunion of her classmates from grade school and high school. The purpose of the get together was to take a tour of her grade school in Kalamazoo, which is scheduled for demolition. The school was built in the 1920s, so many children have passed through the doors of …

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Out and About – Week of June 22nd

Lately, I’ve been giving some serious thought to manhole covers. They are round so that they won’t fall into the hole they cover, but that’s just about all I know about them. What’s under those cast iron objects that appear at least once on every city block? If I were to open one up and crawl inside, would I discover …

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Costello and Zinger

06-24-15 12661-12667 03

Hi. This is Costello again. My buddy is Zinger. He is about 8 weeks old and a gray tiger. I am a little older and am red and white. We are both litter trained and very cute. I was the Pet of the Week a few weeks ago with Abbott. He was adopted but I am still looking for a …

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06-17-15 12674 TERRY terrier 01

Hello. My name is Terry and I am a male brown and black terrier mix, with a little white chest. I’m about 5-6 years old and weigh about 30 pounds – just the right size for a family. I have already been neutered and because I am not a young whippersnapper I have good manners and am not popping up …

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