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Out and About – Week of March 27th

Spring officially arrived a week ago yesterday, March 20. When it will feel like spring, remains to be seen. One day we are able to wear lighter clothing, then the next day we find ourselves scraping the frost off our car windows. I guess Mother Nature is having difficulty making up her mind, so we’ll just have to wait until …

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Hi! My name is Melody and I am a female tan and white chihuahua mix. I’m 3 years old and about as cute as can be. If you want a dog who fits just right in your lap, I’m your girl. I’m the perfect size for being a traveling pup, too. And, how about those cute freckles on my legs? …

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Out and About – Week of March 20th

I consider myself to be one of the luckiest guys around. I’m retired, so I have plenty of time to do what I want, or what needs to be done, and if I don’t get things done today, there’s always tomorrow. I volunteer with several groups and try my best to be a good citizen and a nice guy. Most …

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Out and About – Week of March 13th

Hopefully everyone remembered to set their clocks ahead one hour this past Sunday. Remember, spring ahead, fall back. I still haven’t heard a good reason for resetting our clocks twice a year. There has been talk of doing away with the time changing, but that would require an act of Congress and we all know they are way too busy …

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Mark My Words – Don’t live with regret!

  Funk and Wagnalls, the dictionary people, for those of you who have no idea what those words mean, say that that word regret means “to look back to with distress; grieve over; remember with longing.” Regret is such a horrible sounding word. It isn’t a fun word to say, even if you are telling someone that they may regret …

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Lab Mix

Sure and Begorra! I’ve found the leprechaun’s hat! I hope it will bring me a new companion or family. I am a black “irish” lab mix lassie. I get along with kids, dogs and cats. I know “sit”, “down”, and I will kiss your nose for love. I am a year old and need to have my spay surgery. My …

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