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Out and About – Week of February 1st

About two years ago, I found myself experiencing a sneezing fit every couple of days. It consisted of about eight or nine sneezes in a row. I don’t have any allergies, and could be sitting at home, working in my office, or driving my car, when the sneezes occurred. My wife experiences the same thing. I’d be interested in knowing …

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01-26-16 13001 LUNA kitty

Hi! My name is Luna and I am a gray and white female kitty, about 8 months old. I have beautiful long, silky fur and a really cute pink nose. I like to be held and loved and I also like to play and be with people. My brother, Sam, is here, too. He looks a lot like me but …

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Out and About – Week of January 25th

I was extremely lucky to have a very good assignment when I served in Vietnam in 1966. It was the one conflict when those who served their country were not welcomed home with the kudos they deserved. Since that time, our veterans have been shown the respect and the thanks that those who put their lives on the line deserve …

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Hello. My name is Sue-Robbie. That’s a long name for a little kitty. I am a gray and white female short-hair cat, about 1-1/2 years old. I’m kind of shy but it doesn’t take long for me to warm up and come to you. I think some of the dogs barking kind of scare me. I like to be patted …

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Out and About – Week of January 18th

Last week’s column focused on those first responders from the Three Rivers Fire Department, Station Number Two. I failed to mention the volunteer firefighters, who are called upon whenever the need arises. An example might be whenever a major accident or fire occurs and the four firefighters on duty are needed to respond, which would leave no one at the …

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Mark My Words – Talk to your children!

Are we losing our ability to have conversations? Is the art of conversation becoming a lost art, in itself? It is hard to imagine that something as simple as having a conversation could become a thing of the past, but sadly, it feels that way, especially when you are talking to the younger generation. In a discussion with some colleagues …

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