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Out and About – Week of December 12th

We received our first measurable snowfall on Sunday, December 4. Channel 3 News said that the snow would start to fall around 1 PM that afternoon, and for once, their forecast was right on the money. We arranged our Sunday plans so that by 1:30 PM we were secured inside the house, the cars were tucked away in the garage, …

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Mark My Words – Superstitions for Snow Days

Before we left school Thursday, I talked to my students about the possibility that we may have a snow day on Friday. As you know, the meteorologists have been telling us about the “storm of the century” for the past several days, so I wanted them to be prepared, in terms of school work, in the event we had a …

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I want to be “home” for Christmas. My name is “Red”, I am about five years old. I have been at Animal Control since mid October. I’m a neutered male, red tick hound and I love to run and I have a lot of energy. I wish I had a home and family. My docket number is BIS16-000270, at the …

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Out and About – Week of December 5th

Seventy-five years ago this week, several squadrons of Japanese Zeroes woke up a sleeping giant by attacking Pearl Harbor. December 7, 1941 has been often referred to as “a day that will live in infamy”. In memory of this day, the American Legion Honor Team will conduct a brief ceremony at Riverside Cemetery, at 1 PM, at a memorial for …

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Hey man, my name’s Dude and “I Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog” doesn’t make it for me, cuz I’m pretty special with my cute freckles. I’m a male hound mix and really like to keep my nose to the ground, like any good hound would do. I’m tricolor and about 10 months old. I have a lot of energy …

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Out and About – Week of November 28th

By now, your Thanksgiving guests have gone home, or you have returned from visiting relatives or friends, and are now ready to begin planning for Christmas. I’m sure many of you ventured out on Black Friday and took advantage of some really fantastic deals. I hope you didn’t sustain any injuries from fellow shoppers as you grabbed the last remaining …

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