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Bonnie is still waiting, Elsie is still wondering what will happen to her as are the three little kitties. I am now being called Larson. I had this other home but no one there knew how to take care of me so now I need a much better home. I have some very sore fly bites on my ears, they …

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Out and About – Week of July 30th

This next weekend promises to be one filled with plenty of activities. If you plan carefully, you and your family will be able to get Out and About and take in most of them. So, put away the video games, hide the TV remote, get out the kitchen calendar and your family planner, and prepare to do things as a …

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Hi, I am Elsie, they say I look a bit like a lovable cow. I am a three year old spayed female Lab/Dalmatian mix. I know to sit and this lady gave me a nice pedicure, I was very co-operative about that, I knew that she was helping me. I know to sit but I need to work on my …

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Out and About – Week of July 23rd

Just returned from the Frankenmuth area. Talk about getting Out and About. We were there to welcome Mark and Deb Mansell. Mark started out in Portland, Oregon, on June 16, and is on his way to Portland, Maine. He is riding his bicycle across the United States to raise funds for Leader Dogs for the Blind, which is headquartered in …

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When is a good time to tell the truth?

The obvious answer is always, of course! I will say that I have not always been honest and a few little mistruths might have crept out of my mouth every now and then. Very few times, mind you! But in any event, I admit that I have told a few stories in my time. I hate to say it, but …

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Three Kittens

Lacey has been adopted. We are three four month old male kittens. We have been having a great time here today. You see, there are three humans with us and they think that they are going to get us to all look in the same direction! They are so funny. If you are up for some good clean fun please …

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