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Out and About – Week of July 18th

Usually, I use this column to inform you of things going on in and around the Three Rivers area. For the past two weeks I’ve really been Out and About. We’ve just returned from a road trip to Seattle, Washington. The purpose of the trip was to attend the Lions International Convention. We learned many things during our two-week excursion. …

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Out and About – Week of July 11th

I really enjoy a good fish dinner, but I’m not a fisherman. Those of you who have this in common with me, will want to head over to the Marcellus VFW this Friday, July 15, for their all-you-can-eat fish dinner. Fish will be served from 5 to 7 P.M. Prices are reasonable too. Only $8 for adults and the cost for …

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Out and About – Week of June 27th

This is definitely a busy time for residents of the Three Rivers area. It seems that there just isn’t enough time to participate in all of the activities that are available. At least that seems to be the case for the past couple of weeks. Water Festival was almost two weeks ago, and yet it seems as if it were …

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Out and About – Week of June 20th

Today is officially the first day of summer. This means two things. First, beginning tomorrow, the time of daylight starts getting shorter. The days are not getting shorter, because there still will be twenty four hours in a day. Second, you probably don’t need to pay much attention to those signs that state “Watch for ice on bridge”. On a …

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Out and About – Week of June 13th

This weekend is the best time to get Out and About in Three Rivers for the entire year. It is, of course, Water Festival, a time when the entire community converges on Downtown TR, Scidmore Park, and Memory Isle. For three days, beginning Thursday, June 16, there will be something for everyone. I’m talking about a parade, rides on the …

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Out and About – Week of June 6th

Congratulations to the Three Rivers High School graduating class of 2011. You’ve had twelve years of free-to-you education. It is now up to you to make good use of your time and to do what you can to make this world a better place. If you’ve paid attention during the last twelve years, your future should be bright, as long …

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