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Stop the name calling! Bring on the ideas!

One thing I said I would not do this year is write a politically charged column giving my reasons as to whom I am voting for and the reasons why. I did that in 2008. My candidate lost. That, coupled with the fact that when, a few years ago in my preview column, I predicted the Kalamazoo Wings would sweep …

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Cookie & Jacob

Tesha went to Up-Cycled Pets. We are just two little boys who need a chance. Our names are Cookie and Jacoby we are just little kitties from the same litter. Our sister is here too and she is cute. We are happy and friendly. We are only here because we had the misfortune of being born in a unwanted litter. …

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Out and About – Week of September 3rd

Today is the first day of school. Where did the summer go? It seems like Water Festival was just a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure how many high school students read this column, but I’d like to offer some friendly advice to those who do. Enjoy your high school years. Study hard, take advantage of the many extra-curricular …

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We’re in this together

When my wife and I became engaged and eventually got married, many of our family and friends said it came as no surprise as they always knew we would end up together. I guess we just had that “they are going to get married and live happily ever after” appeal to us. For the past nine years, we have done …

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Teddy still needs a good home. I am Tesha. I am a female Lab mix, I am only five months old. I seem to do something to bother people. You see, I am full of energy and I need someone who wants to spend time with me and help me to understand how to act. I am smart and have …

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Out and About – Week of August 27th

The St. Joseph County Grange Fair is still a couple of weeks away. The dates this year are from September 16 through September 22. If the weather continues the way it has been, we should have Mother Nature on our side. Brochures can be picked up at the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce office at 57 North Main Street, …

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