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Letter to the editor – Appointment Process Explained

APPOINTMENT PROCESS EXPLAINED There seem to be some misconceptions regarding the appointment of the St. Joseph County Clerk and Register of Deeds. Here is an explanation of the process that took place prior to my retirement on June 30, 2015 regarding the appointment of Lindsay Oswald. It is the duty of the Circuit Judge to make the appointment of the …

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Relay for Life Hits All Time High

Congratulations to residents of the entire Three Rivers surrounding area for their superb fundraising on behalf of the American Cancer Society. The 2015 Relay for Life event netted a record high $140,396 for the ACS – the 13th highest revenue event in Michigan. Teams from Three Rivers, Centreville, Mendon and Constantine held fundraisers and solicited friends and family for donations. …

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What is the Value of College?

As you read all the print news reports and listen to all the TV news bites in recent times, it would seem that the value of a college education is not what it used to be. This is not the case according to a recent report from the Pew Research Center. The report states that, “The earnings gap between young …

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It’s time to eliminate the penny

(CNN – Opinion by Robert Whaples) — If you’ve ever looked closely at a newly minted penny, you’ve probably been struck by its sheer beauty. Abraham Lincoln’s bearded, chiseled, copper face shines forth beneath the proclamation of “In God We Trust” and beside the quintessential American motto, “Liberty.” Americans revere the penny, as it encapsulates a history lesson — Lincoln brought …

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