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Miller’s Super-Valu Closing

A full-service grocery store in business for more than 30 years in Sturgis announced Wednesday it is closing by the end of the month.

Officials from Miller’s Super-Valu said competition from Wal-Mart and other stores and markets in town is too significant to overcome.

Mike Doust, general manager of LaGrange, Ind.-based Miller’s, said the Sturgis location simply couldn’t generate enough business to stay open. A liquidation sale is expected to start Monday, he said.

The east side supermarket employs about 30 people. Doust said its grocery-delivery service, popular with the elderly and shut-ins in Sturgis, will continue. Groceries for the delivery service will come from the Miller’s Super-Valu store in LaGrange.

Doust said an outltot gas station and convenience store also overseen by Miller’s will close, as well.

The closing of the Sturgis supermarket will not impact the other eight Miller’s Super-Valu stores, which are located over a three-state area.

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