Student count day

Student Count Day in Michigan took place earlier this month, and figures from St. Joseph County show only one of its nine districts realized a student increase from last year’s October count.

Colon Community Schools grew from 638 students to 640 between the October 2012 count and this year’s count, conducted Oct. 2.

Proportionate to size, the biggest decreases were seen in Centreville, with a 5.3 percent decline to 872 students; Mendon, which experienced a 4.9 percent drop to 635 students; and White Pigeon, with a 3.8 percent difference to 759 students.

Sturgis Public Schools remained the largest in the county, with 3,237 students despite a 1.6 percent decrease, followed by Three Rivers, with a population of 2,710, down 1.3 percent from last October.

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