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Traffic signal change in Sturgis

The city of Sturgis has issued a temporary traffic signal change for the intersection of West West Street and North Centerville Road.

Beginning at 5 p.m. Monday, the traffic signal will be changed to flashing-red mode for West Street and flashing-yellow for Centerville.

The change is being made as an evaluation period for a possible change to the traffic control devices at the intersection. As part of the design process for reconstruction of North Centerville Road, engineers reviewed the need for a traffic signal at the intersection and the appropriate device for current traffic conditions.

Engineers found that traffic flow at the intersection, especially on West Street, does not warrant the current traffic signal. Engineers recommended that the intersection be made a two-way stop and city commissioners approved a temporary traffic control order to determine the impact of such a change.

After a six-week test period, the city commission will consider whether to make a permanent change.

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