Minimum wage increase

If you’re paid the minimum wage, you’re likely getting a pay increase next Monday. It follows recent action by the Michigan Legislature, and the governor. The state’s minimum wage will increase from the current $7.40 per hour to $8.15 per hour on September First. The state’s minimum wage was last increased six years ago. Under the new law Michigan’s minimum wage will increase eventually to $9.25 per hour in 2018. “Tipped” Employees are getting a smaller increase, from the current $2.65 per hour, to $3.10 per hour (Sept 1), and then to $3.52 per hour by 2018.

Details of the state’s minimum wage law are as follows:
Before September 1, 2014, $7.40.
Beginning September 1, 2014, $8.15.
Beginning January 1, 2016, $8.50.
Beginning January 1, 2017, $8.90.
Beginning January 1, 2018, $9.25.

And every January beginning in January 2019, the state treasurer “shall adjust the minimum wage by an amount determined by the state treasurer at the end of the preceding calendar year to reflect the average annual percentage change in the consumer price index for the most recent 5-year period for which data are available.”  (MRN)

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