Out and About – Week of September 1st

My first September column always gives me the opportunity to make everyone aware of the fact that summer is officially over for the year. According to the calendar, autumn hasn’t officially arrived, but the opportunity to take that family vacation has come and gone. The children are back in school, so Mom’s personal time has begun. Oh yes, gentlemen, you may now put those patent leather white loafers back on the shoe rack until next Memorial Day.

Every year, we purchase a Super Book. It’s one of those books that contains coupons that are good for “Buy One – Get One Free” deals. The coupons can be used for dining out, playing golf, or other activities for the entire family. It makes it quite economical to get Out and About more often. The secret to reaping the benefits is to keep the Super Book in your car or out on the counter, where it will be visible.

We are using our Super Book more this year than ever before. We have friends with whom we enjoy dining out, and they also have the coupon book. Every week, one of us will select a restaurant, and we’ll meet there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a great way to check out places that we probably never would have visited, were it not for the book. The dining experience is fun, and it gives us the opportunity to visit and exchange opinions. The Three Rivers Lions Club has the books available, as does Lowry’s Books and More. They won’t be available again until around the end of the year and are good for over a year. They make fantastic Christmas gifts.

My friend Donna at the Carnegie Center for the Arts, asked me to remind everyone about the current exhibit on display through Tuesday, September 30. The exhibit features one collaborative group show, “Photography and Beyond”, and solo shows by Karen Richard, Suzanne B. Siegel, and Coco Sweezy. I’ve mentioned many times that there is an abundant amount of talent here in the Three Rivers area. These exhibits are perfect examples of the talent of photography and painting from local artists. The Carnegie Center is located at 107 North Main Street in historic downtown Three Rivers. For more information, please contact the Carnegie at 269-273-8882, or you may e-mail Donna at donna@trcarnegie.com.

I come from a family of huggers, as does my wife. The neat thing about hugging someone is that when you give a hug, you receive one in return. Leo Buscaglia was a hugger and even wrote a book on the subject. Hugging has been known to ease tension and probably lower one’s blood pressure.

Whenever I meet a fellow classmate while Out and About, we usually greet each other with a hug, especially if the classmate is of the opposite sex. With the guys, we usually share a firm handshake, but I’ve been known to offer a “bro-hug”. There should be more hugging out there. If you see me while you’re out running errands, feel free to give me a hug. I’ll do what I can to give you one back.

Here’s another helpful household hint: Spiders, as well as mice, hate peppermint oil. Put some in a squirt bottle with some water and spray the garage and all door frames. My question is: Where can you purchase peppermint oil? My wife can’t stand spiders, and the idea of having mice around really disturbs me, so I’d really like to know. Mice also don’t care much for moth balls. I can’t say that I really care much for them, either.

Cars these days don’t usually come equipped with a full-size spare tire. They have tires that are known as “Donuts”. These donuts are to be used just long enough for you to get the flattened tire repaired. It is not to be used as a replacement for the tire that was damaged.

With the arrival of September, it’s about that time to get the snow blower checked out. With the weather being the way it has been, we might be blessed with a September blizzard. It’s still too early to put away the lawn mower, especially if you have a mulching attachment.

See you Out and About!

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