Pay-it-forward streak continues with local business

A Three Rivers business and its pay-it-forward concept is scheduled to be profiled on a local news broadcast Friday.

Mike King, proprietor of the Weenie Kings push-cart stand, said the segment is slated to run twice between 5 and 7 a.m. on WWMT, Channel 3.

King said the pay-it-forward concept started during HarmonyFest 2012, when a customer gave him extra money to cover the cost of the next patron’s meal. King said 20 people declined the free meal and paid for their order so the next customer would benefit from the benevolent gesture.

The current pay-it-forward string began in mid-July and by the start of business Wednesday, had been kept alive by 1,633 customers, King said.

Today through Sunday, the 53-year-old King will be at the Sturgis Toy Run, where he hopes to see the current pay-it-forward streak continue, he said. Updates on the situation are provided daily on Weenie King’s Facebook page.

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