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Out and About – Week of October 27th

We only have seven more days of mudslinging, name calling, and falsehoods. A week from today is Election Day. We will no longer be plagued with non-stop political ads during every commercial break on television. The mute button on my remote is just about worn down to a mere stub. I can’t imagine how much money has been spent over the last several months on political ads. I can think of many other ways to use that money.
Anyway, you now have a week to decide how you’re going to cast your ballot. I’m not the least bit interested in knowing who you want in office, but I do care very much that you at least made an attempt to make your feelings known. I’m a huge supporter of FREE things, and voting doesn’t cost anyone a cent, but many men and women have paid the ultimate sacrifice just so you have the right to vote any way you desire. Don’t let these brave men and women down. They should not have died in vain. Exercise your right, as an American citizen, and vote from your heart.
A reminder that the St. Joseph County Transportation Authority will, as always, provide FREE transportation to and from your polling place, here in St. Joe County. Give them a call at 269-273-7808 or call them toll-free at 800-964-5700 to book a ride or to get more information.
Here’s a remedy for ice buildup on your car windshield. In a spray bottle add a mixture of two-thirds vinegar and one-third water. Spray this solution on your icy windshield and watch the ice just disappear.
Last week, I mentioned three things that Consumer Reports listed as ways to save money while preparing for the upcoming winter. Here are the three final helpful hints:
Install Energy-Efficient Windows. If your windows are old and inefficient, they are providing an avenue for a considerable amount of heat to exit the house. An estimated 10 to 25 percent of your heating bill is the direct result of heat seeping out of your windows. You might consider switching from single-pane to double-pane windows.
Insulate Pipes. Which pipes need insulating? Because of exposure to various climate elements, pipes can burst. Cold wind can be a pipe’s worst enemy. Pipes in attics, crawl spaces, or on outside walls are the most vulnerable. Wrap these pipes in rubber foam or fiberglass sleeves.
Fireproof Your Home. Most electrical fires are the result of old wiring problems with cords, or overloaded circuits. Make sure to examine your appliances and replace any worn or ragged cords. Never place appliances on wet countertops or floors. Don’t overload any extension cords or wall outlets. Watch your portable heaters. Keep clothing and curtains at least three feet away from all heaters. Make sure that your electrical outlets have childproof covers. If your lights begin to flicker, or you have a cracked outlet, call an electrician right away. To further prevent the possibility of a fire, have all electrical problems taken care of as soon as possible.
Next week, I’ll mention a few final things you can do to prevent weather damage to your roof.
Are you tired of carrying around an overabundance of dry skin on your feet? Here’s a remedy you might want to consider. In a shallow dishpan, add one-quarter cup of Listerine, one-quarter cup of vinegar, and half a cup of warm water. Let your feet soak in this solution for ten minutes. You’ll be surprised how the dead skin will practically wipe off. Just because the solution contains vinegar, it doesn’t mean that it would also make a tasty salad dressing. The Listerine would ruin the taste of the mixture. If you’re the man of the house, be sure to rinse out the dishpan. It will make the lady of the house happy.
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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